Gods Praises – Drawing

Hey guys! I LOVE to draw, and I will be starting a website about drawing! It will be coming out VERY soon, so keep out a watchful eye. It will feature some of my drawings, and cool arts and craft ideas.

Keep calm and be Crafty



Animal Jam!

Hey guys! I would like to tell you about a fun game! It is for all ages of children/preteen/teens! I play it and recently got a membership in it. It is called Animal Jam. If you do play it, You can add me! My username is Crazyrawrz. Send me a mail saying Hi so I know you read this! If you haven’t seen it before, here is a link!

Animal Jam: http://www.animaljam.com/

Do you play games?

Do you play any games online or offline?

I play a few, Them being,

Online: Animal Jam, Agario, Club Penguin, and Goodgame Fashion.

Offline: Clue, Monopoly, Bunko, Skip Bo, Life, and more.


My usernames:

Animal Jam: Crazyrawrz  (I also have a blog all about Animal Jam, You can check it out here: https://crazyrawrzaj.wordpress.com/author/crazyrawrzaj/  )

Agario: Anything (lol)

Club Penguin: littleliza12

Goodgame Fashion: Crazyrawrz



Remember to include Jesus and Worship him in all things you do. In gaming, you may think you cant worship God during that, but you can. If you stop every once in awhile to realize that God made these people your playing with. If you are playing against them, they are still Gods people. Treat everyone Kindly!