Dog Fighting

Hey guys! So I have recently heard about “Dog fighting”. It is a sport, where Dogs are forced to fight each other. People come to watch, and ACTUALLY PAY to get in! Ugh. It is very upsetting for dog owners/dog lovers, and even others who don’t care too much about  dogs. Dog fighting is a felony in ALL 50 U.S. STATES, yet people still do it for their own entertainment. It is cruel to dogs, they never did anything to the people, they just got chosen. Dogs have feelings, and many people have feelings for them! If this continues for very much longer, dogs COULD go extinct. Most fighting dogs have their ears and tails chopped of to make sure the “other player” has nothing to to easily grab onto. Most dogs used in dog fighting are picked up on the side of the road. Around 5,000 dogs are injured every year because of dog fighting, and around 1,000 are killed.


However, I believe we can stop dog abuse. Here is how.                                                                       If you see a dog alone on the side of the road, let it in your car, and take it to the nearest animal shelter. If the dog is very large, tries to bite you, is muddy, or if there is any other reason NOT to put it in your car, call the animal shelter. You can easily look up their number through google, or a phone-book. If you have Cortana, Siri, or Galaxy just say “Animal Shelter near me” to your phone. If you see someone beating up a dog, call the police! Tell them what is going on, just anything to keep the dog safe!





18 thoughts on “Dog Fighting

  1. Truly only really cruel people would enjoy such a thing. Often people who are mean to animals are also cruel to other people.


    1. Can’t say. I am not talking about races I am talking about actual fighting. They bite each other and attack each other until one is dead and/or badly injured.


  2. 😦 My life was happy until this. Animal cruelty will not be stopped for a long time- dog fighting is boxing/wrestling in the human world. painful, cruel, yet sadly-to some-entertaining. But sometimes animal cruelty comercials are a bit exaggerated. They take the most forlorn looking animal and put It on TV. Animal cruelty is bad. Everyone knows that. raising awareness doesn’t help. Doing something does. #stopanimalcruelty

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  3. Greyhound racing is O.K., but beating, running to the ground, and starving animals is not. If you force a hurt or just old and/or tired dog to race/work – that is not O.K.

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      1. Some dogs like to run, but some are abandoned after they become old, I have also heard that some cant walk up stairs or something, but they are cool dogs. There is a National Geographic article about a greyhound named Jasmine, who was left in a shed after her racing days. Look it up, it is so sweet.


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