God’s Animals – Dogs


This is my dog, Molly. I love her so much. I think if you see a dog on the side of the road -without an owner of course- you should pick it up and take it to an Animal Shelter. Some people say yeah its just a mutt it should find its own way home. It might not! If your dog got lost would you want someone to see it and pass? Especially by a road or highway? At least not me! If it is a Big dog, or if there is any other reason not to pick it up, you can call the Animal Shelter! I hate hearing about poor animals having to be put down.


2 thoughts on “God’s Animals – Dogs

  1. Unfortunately some people do that, especially in rural neighborhoods. They think someone else will take care of them or they will hunt rabbits and take care of themselves. People are so irresponsible.


    1. I agree. Sometimes we say its just a dog. But someone probably loves that dog, and if nobody does, someone needs to! Dogs are family. And any other animal that might be your family. 😉


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